PSA Diagbox 8.55

Description: Installation files for version Diagbox 8.55. Dealer program for the diagnosis of cars PEUGEOT & CITROEN.


password for archives: Simple
Installing DiagBox 8.01 requires an OS of at least Windows 7 x32 and 22.5 GB of free space

1. Install DiagBox 7.01, restart and wait for the update to 7.02.
2. Install updates 7.xx-7.57. This allows you to create the file C: \ AWRoot \ dtwr \ cfg \ Config.sys.
3. Install the VC ++ 2008 Redistributable Package, if not previously installed. It will be available in the torrent folder.
4. Restart the system and run the Kill_DiagBox_Tasks.bat file to stop the dependent processes and rename AWRoot to AWRoot7
5. Run the DiagBox 8.01 installer (it will require the removal of DB 7 first) and wait a long time.
At the first start, as soon as they request activation, we must close it through X (red X) and run the utility AWRoot_v7_Conf + Ativation_v8.exe. It will copy all the necessary files from the previously renamed AWRoot7 folder and replace it with the necessary ones already in the current installation.
6. We start Diagbox again and installation should continue and be completed.
Archive! >>> Do not forget to copy your activation file every time you install updates or before any experiments. Located at C: \ AWRoot \ bin \ fi \ APPDIAG.SYS

For Lexia to work correctly, it is necessary that the line containing the version of Diagbox 8.xx be commented out in the version.ini file.
If you do not, the activation file will be corrupted and will have to be restored again.
MANDATORY therefore we do this:
; version = 08.xx
version = 07.72

Where xx is your current version of DB.
Before upgrading to another version, you need to remove the semicolon just in case and return it to its place again at the end.

Password for archives: Simple
For installation Diagbox 8.01 you need Windows 7 x32 or over + 22.5gb free space

1. Install Diagbox 7.01, restart the program and wait for udpate on 7.02
2. Install file Diagbox 7.xx-7.57. This is create file C: \ AWRoot \ dtwr \ cfg \ Config.sys
3. Install vcredist_x86.exe (VC ++ 2008 Redistributable Package), if you need and not installed before. vcredist_x86.exe attached to this torrent.
4. Reboot your PC, and run Kill_DiagBox_Tasks.bat from for stoped dependent processes and rename folder AWRoot to AWRoot7
5. Run DiagBox 8.01 (he requires will delete Diagbox 7) wait (maybe 20-30 minutes)
By first run when he ask activation, you must closed windows – X (red cross) and run utillite AWRoot_v7_Conf + Ativation_v8.exe
6. Run Diagbox and now intall to continue and be completed.
Attention: Dont remembered copy your activation file every time when you install new updates. Your activation file here C: \ AWRoot \ bin \ fi \ APPDIAG.SYS

For correctly work Lexia3, you need in file version.ini will write; in every string with Version Diagbox 8.xx.
If you dont make this, file activation is lost, and need recovery his
; version = 08.xx
version = 07.72

when xx – actual version Diagbox
Before updates you need deleted; in this file, but after return

Year / Release Date: 2019
System requirements: Installing DiagBox 8.01 requires an OS of at least Windows 7 x32 and 22.5 GB of free space
Interface Language: Multilingual

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