Toyota ISTA J29 Full + Lite 2020 Free Downlead 1 Toyota ista

Toyota ISTA J29 Full + Lite 2020 Free Downlead

Toyota ISTA J29 Full + Lite 2020 best Free Downlead
Description: Diagnostic software for Toyota Supra j29 2020+.
Works with j2534 diagnostic cable.

Release Year/Date: 2020
Version: 4.28.31
Interface Language: English

Toyota ISTA implementation > PC and OS specifications 2
In order to install the Toyota ISTA software necessary for performing the diagnostic on the new Toyota Supra your diagnostic PC
must respect the following pre-requirements:

Software requirements:
Operating system:
Windows 7 on 64 bits ( Windows 7 32bits is NOT supported!)
Windows 10 Professional/Enterprise ( 64bits)
Required software:
Microsoft .NET Framework from v.4.7 or higher
Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable Packages for Visual Studio 2013
and 2017

Hardware requirements:
Proccessor: min frequency of 2.2 GHz, recommended I5 RAM: minimum 8Gb
Storage:-minimum total size 256 Gb ( SSD or HDD) -minimum free space on disk 100 GB!
Screen resolution: minimum 1280X1024,screen rotation disabled
Internet Explorer 11/Google Chrome.
Internet connection ( without Proxy)

Toyota ISTA J29 Full + Lite 2020 Free Downlead
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