VAS ODIS 5.1.3

VAS ODIS 5.1.3 Offboard Diagnostic Information System 06/2019

VAS ODIS 5.1.3 Offboard Diagnostic Information System 06/2019
Description: The Offboard Diagnostic Information System diagnostic software is a program that supports an interface compatible with SAE J2534 Diagnostic Interface. This software allows you to professional diagnosic all Volkswagen groupe (vw, Audi, Skoda, Seat, Bentley and Lamborghini cars).

The following VAS diagnostic interfaces are supported:
VAS 6154 supports Windows 7 + Windows 10
VAS 5054A supports Windows 7
VAS 5055 supports Windows 7

For commissioning, the corresponding unit must be connected to the diagnostic tester via the USB connector and the appropriate drivers must be installed before starting the ODIS Service. Administrator privileges may be required to install the software.

ODIS 5.1.3 installation guide:
1. install the windows update from folder 01. Windows Update by selecting the 32x 64x file system

2. Run the ODIS installation on behalf of the ADMINISTRATOR from the folder: 02. OffboardDiagSetup (installation is not necessary on the C: \ drive)
Specify the license.dat license file required during installation, folder: 03. Launcer + license + plugins
After finishing the ODIS installation, copy the files with the replacement: OffboardDiagLauncher.exe to the ODIS installation directory,
de. volkswagen. odis. vaudas. launcher_4.50.0.jar to plugins folder
3. Unzip from folder: 04. Patch Files,
in accordance with the computer file system,
32 bits or 64 bits (error “ODS2522E” will occur if you skip this step).
Copy the extracted files to the folder C: \ Program Files \ Softing \ D-PDU API \ 1.20.042 \ VeCom \ VAS5054 with replacement

4. Unpack archives, from the first 05. PostSetup_79.0.50.part01 to 05. PostSetup_79.0.50.part21 completely, we do not change the name of the folder 05. ODIS-Service_update_5_1_3

5. We start ODIS on behalf of the ADMINISTRATOR, when updating, specify the path to the folder 05. ODIS-Service_update_5_1_3

6. After a long update of the program, ODIS asks to restart the computer, we reboot.

7. We don’t start the car.
First, insert the mini USB into the 5054a adapter,
5054a adapter we connect to the car,
We connect the USB wire to the USB of the computer. Windows will detect the adapter and install drivers for it.
We start ODIS on behalf of the ADMINISTRATOR.

Information: Used PassThru devices (VCI) with compatible with SAE J2534 interface must be approved for data exchange with ODIS Service. In ODIS, select the tool, then VCI interface.

Year / Release Date: 06/2019
Version: 5.1.3
System requirements: To use the Offboard Diagnostic Information System software, the following conditions must be met:
Operating System: Microsoft® Windows 7 (32×64) / Windows 10 (64-bit) with Internet Explorer 11
Interface language: Multilingual

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